Thursday December 29th:

Opening Night Bash — 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

Live Band Karaoke with Time Machine – Lone Star BC

Free Entry with any Thursday badge / ticket


Choose from a 300+ song list which includes the greatest disco, pop, funk, rock, Motown, and even country tunes from the last four decades. Added to your performance is a concert like atmosphere made up of lighting, props and costumes to make your show-stopping début one for the ages. Time Machine not only supplies excellent music and backing vocals for your act, they also provide lyrics displayed on a 15” flat screen TV. For those with stage fright or ones who don’t feel like rocking out; singing is only half the fun!! Watching your fellow MNYE friends perform their unique renditions of rock’s greatest songs will keep you entertained all night. For more information, including the full song list available, visit

Bunny Hutch — 9:00 pm – Midnight

Lone Star BC
Free Entry with any Thursday badge / ticket


The Bunny Hutch is a time-honored convention kickoff party that Sabrina Pandora started back in Atlanta when she was a Dragon*Con regular. Now relocated to Dallas, the Queen Mother Bunny has planted the flag here as well, spreading word of the empowering nature of the Bunny, which is all about mutual support and fun for all. Because every girl should know the power of embracing the icon, and learn to express her inner Bunny. But there’s a Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve party this year, so we will do as Bunnies do: multiply! After all, Bunnies are universal ambassadors. Everybody loves a bunny- especially as the first thing they see checking in on Thursday night, kicking off their Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve! A whole Hutch of Bunnies, even more so. Bunnies wandering the halls, bunnies everywhere. So pull out your fishnets, dust off your heels, pack it into some Hooters hose and a corset then tilt your ears a bit. Form on Sabrina, girls- let’s go form a hutch!

Friday December 30th:

Birthday Roast of Stan Lee – 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Lone Star BC
Free to Golden Ticket, VIP, and Stan Lee Experience ticket-holders

-$10 for any other badge level
-$25 for non-MNYE ticket / badge holders


The celebrity guests from Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve assemble to give a roast to the Birthday Boy himself, the great Stan “The Man” Lee. The evening’s festivities, hosted by Brian O’Halloran, will be talked about for years. Do not miss it.

‘Gotham Nights’: Fashion, Comedy, and Dancing — 9:00 pm – 1:00 am

Austin 123
Free with any Friday badge / ticket


Regardless of your tastes, GOTHAM NIGHTS will have something to raise your spirits and blood pressure. A fashion exhibition by designer Jesse Thaxton leads off the night, followed by improv comedy by Take One Squad, dance music laid down by DJ BenTendo, and live music by Darwin’s Prophet. This party is open to all Friday badgeholders!

Saturday December 31st:

NERD YEAR’S EVE – 8:00 pm – 2:00 am

Main Event Stage – Briefcase Blues

Lone Star BC


BRIEFCASE BLUES was – and is – the first-ever tribute band to the characters of “’Joliet’ Jake Blues” and “Elwood Blues” as created by Saturday Night Live comedians John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. The act first broke on the scene in September of 1983 in Dallas, TX (the group’s home-base), and has been making crowds jump and shout throughout thirty years of powerhouse performances, both in the U.S. and abroad. Backed by a four-piece rhythm section and three- to four-piece horn section, BRIEFCASE BLUES consistently delivers a high-energy, knockout show for audiences of all types – true to the original act. For more information, visit

EDM / DJ Stage – Mike Relm

Austin 123


San Francisco’s MIKE RELM is best known for his audio and video mash-ups, in his live concerts and broadcast work. Part director, part electronic music producer, Relm has introduced the world to a style that truly echoes the fever-pitched pace of modern entertainment while paying homage to classic filmmakers and musicians. For more information, visit

Also appearing on the stage: TekForce and 1-Up Creative Mind Frame

VIP Party Stage – Bad Karma

Lone Star A


Bad Karma is a four piece classic rock/alternative rock cover band from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Each member brings their own unique style and sound with influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Kiss, and Stevie Ray Vaughn to more mainstream rock such as Collective Soul, Godsmack and Tool. For over fifteen years Bad Karma has played all over North Texas rocking hard and melting faces at some best live music venues around. For more information about the band, live rock video performances and booking information go to